Mr. Dinesh Pangtey
  In the horizon of Indian Life Insurance for a long time there was no star who could guide with his path breaking accomplishments and become a pole bearer for the Life Insurance Industry. This was past; till a humble boy named Bharat Parekh adorned his career as an agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India. This young man rose like Sachin Tendulkar at a very young age and today he goes on to become second highest Top of the Table producer in the world using the commission method as per the letter dt. 16.10.2013 from Mr. Kristin Mikrut, Member Services Manager, MDRT. I wish him all Success in life and glory which hitherto has not been bestowed on any Life Insurance professional till date. GOOD LUCK BHARAT BHAI. MAY LOT MANY ACCOLADES COME YOUR WAY IN FUTURE. 
Mr. Deepak Chawdhary
 Your most unique ability is your extremely focused customer centric approach and a ‘no-excuse’ action oriented attitude by which your customer sits back in confidence knowing that the task assigned to you by him will be auctioned to its conclusion. 
Mr. Mukesh Gupta
 An office with a difference, an agent with lot of innovative ideas & application. Shri Bharat Parekh is an institution in himself. Excellent office with enthusiastic team. Wish this team all the best. 
Mr. Surya Kumar Roy
 Shri Bharat Parekh is the pride of LIC. As one of the world’s Top Performers in insurance selling, he has set a high bench mark for others to follow. He embodies professionalism, commitment and customer-centricity values which are very important for LIC, I wish Shri Parekh the very best. 
Mr. R.Chandar
 We are privileged to have Mr. Bharat Parekh with 28 years of his distinguished services in Nagpur Division. His success and brand image among the customers of LIC makes him the pride of our Division. With his wide range of experience he is veteran in insurance matters. With utmost sincerity and dedication he has been scaling new heights year after year. I wish him all the best in all his endeavors and would like to see him at the top not only in India but also at international level. 
Mr. Sushoban Sarkar
 It gives me great pleasure to note from the copy of letter dated 16th October, 2013 from Mr. Kristin Mikrut, Member Services Manager of MDRT, USA to you that you have been ranked at the highest Top of the Table producer in India 2012 on both premium and commission basis and also as the second highest Top of the Table producer globally using the commission method. Top off these achievements you have been able to retain the Highest Top of the Table rank in India commission basis in the year 2013 also. My heartiest congratulations for being in the global highest producer’s league. It is said that high achievers set their own benchmark and standards. Having attained this position in the MDRT Top Table, I would watch with interest what other peaks you would set out to conquer. With my very best wishes and warm regards, 
Mr. T.S. Vijayn
 It is good experience to visit the office of Mr. Bharat Parekh and see some of the services he is giving to customers. This is great service to LIC and its customers. 
Mr. Kirit Joshi
 1) Reliability : Please note that insurance / investment is somebody hard earned money and one would like to invest through an agent which is very much reliable ..So I would rate this Feature / chanracterestic of yours is most important for me. 2) Knowledge : You are very well conversent with not only your products but also aware about the over all investments / taxation. 3) Patience : I always feel that best salesman is alwas a good listener and then at the end he talks.. 4) High level of Pursuevarance : you have high level of determination to get the things done.. 5) Never Say No attitude , Positive : With bharat parekh one doenst come across any incidence where you say no..thats very positive. 6) Very well Organized : The entire infrasutructure @ Bharat parekh is very well organized. 7) High Interpersonal relaition ship : At the end Human relationship plays most important role..which your are extremely good at Hence with above all characteretics makes Bharat parekh a good human being first and then successful professional. 
Mr. Prakash Agrawal
 You are an honest and hardworking person who has an immense goodwill and an indepth knowledge of his subject. Your abilities: You repose a double trust in both your customers and also your principals, which makes you a great success. This is coupled with the indepth knowledge you posess and the honesty with which you advice both your customers and principals. Makes you a winner always.  
Mr. Thomas Mathew
 Shri Bharat Parekh has always been a role model and inspiration. His dedication and professionalism is par excellence. I admire him. What knowledge, what competence. I am very happy to see this office, well equipped, with our excellent team. Bharat will scale greater heights nationally & internationally. I wish him all success and glory. 
Mr. Mukesh Bajaj
 1. The first and foremost I w'd say is your "THIRST" to reach higher and higher. And to quench this thirst you break your goal into periodical targets. Which in turn makes your task easy and also gives you enough opporturtunities to take corrective actions if you lag behind. So,I must say you are good and setting realistic targets for yourself and rest follows automatically. 2. The second I w'd say is your commitment to your profession and yourself. One simply can not be seen making business calls on sundays without commitment of very high order. 3. I believe you trust your employees and delegate a lot-leaving you with lots of time to make your business calls. 4. I trust this comments w'd help you analyze yourself and achieve greater heights in future. 
Mr. Vinay Sah
 What fascinates me about Shri Bharat Parekh is that his success started as a salesman, developed to a marketing professional with a full team of dedicated professionals, running the fully computerized and mechanized offices at Nagpur and South Mumbai. He has lent immense credibility to the profession of Life Insurance being a Chief Life Insurance Advisor. I immensely appreciate his sharing of experiences of selling life insurance products of LIC in the book which has been authored “ADDING MORE TO LIFE”. This book has been well appreciated in India as well as abroad and has been in circulation as a top seller in various MDRT conventions. Looking at his accomplishments, I feel he is heading to be like Ben Fieldman, top life Insurance Salesman of the World and living by his inscription “Dream Big Dreams”. Yes, Bharat, Dream Big, Achieve Big and remain humble. I WISH YOU ALL SUCCESS.